Same-day Delivery
Solution for Ecommerce


Benefit for Businesses

Save Money, Increase Revenue


Increase Revenue

Research shows that customers will spend more with businesses that provide same-day delivery service and can eliminate cart abonnement by 70%, creating more sales and increasing revenues.

Save Money

Take advantage of our corporate discount and start saving today.

E-commerce Plugin

Our delivery system integrates with your e-commerce to ensure seamless checkout experience.

Benefit for your Customers

Convenience of Same-day Delivery

Customers do not have to wait for days to receive their online purchase.

GPS Tracking

We provide real-time GPS tracking of all our deliveries. The customer can contact their delivery driver directly via phone call or text message.

Evening and Weekend Delivery

Customers do have to take a day off or go to Post office to collect their delivery. Delivery hours: 5 pm to 9 pm weekdays and 1 pm to 6 pm weekends.

Two-hour Delivery Window

The driver sends a two-hour delivery window to every customer, so they know when to except their delivery.

Safety and security guaranteed

All drivers go through a complete background check to ensure safety and security.

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